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Individual, Off-Ice Training is the New Normal

By Hockey IntelliGym, 03/03/21, 2:00PM CST


As players prepare for the upcoming hockey season, it is the perfect time to put a well-balanced training program together that has immediate benefits not only for the rest of 2021, but as players prepare for future seasons. Besides the valuable time on-the-ice and practicing with teammates, the most complete hockey players ages 10 to professional are focusing on the new wave of individual training methods to supplement their hockey routines by turning to the Hockey IntelliGym.

For over 10-years in the U.S. and Canada, IntelliGym has been the at-home software tool used by thousands of players to hone important hockey sense.  If you watched the 2020 NHL hockey draft in October or 2020, one of the common themes all the player analysist kept referring to was superior game anticipation and on-ice awareness that many of top picks had as part of their hockey skill set.

There’s a reason USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey plus many other world-class organizations in North America, Scandinavia, and Europe support and encourage athletes to train with the Hockey IntelliGym – seeing more of the game and reacting faster on-the-ice , especially under pressure benefits not only the individual player but their teammates around them. One other important reason IntelliGym is a hockey training must; by having increased awareness players can position themselves to decrease the potential for head and other on-ice injuries by 40%,  a statistic backed by a 2021 published study in the International Journal of Exercise Science conducted at the University of Delaware.

Using the Hockey IntelliGym software year-round keeps players engaged in the sport through customized, interactive drills while continually working on the benefits of awareness, anticipation and important decision making skills. Hybrid training through sports science is all the rage in sports today and all-levels of players can take advantage of improvements by “relying on technology and machine learning” to help as an additional training resource.

The new normal in hockey development is this hybrid approach that balances time on-the-ice and time off-the-ice training the hockey brain.

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