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Boys High Performance 14

The purpose of the CCM High Performance Program is to identify, train, educate and evaluate Minnesota's best hockey players. The competition throughout the program gives each player the opportunity to measure themselves against others in his age group, gain knowledge about his development and to be exposed to outstanding coaching.

Please contact your District General Manager (contact information below) for specific details relating to the district tryout process.

  • Phase 1: Players will participate in tryouts within their Minnesota Hockey Districts. In 2019, players must have a 2005 birth date to participate.
  • Phase 2: The top 30 players from each District will participate in a Development phase, with 20 from each District advancing to Phase 3.
  • Phase 3: The District teams compete in three games at the 14 Spring Festival at Mars Lakeview Arena in Duluth, MN. Each team will play three (3) games over two days (Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday).
  • Phase 4: The top 120 players from the Spring Festival will be selected to train at the CCM High Performance 14 Development Camp in St. Cloud.

2018 Festival Highlights

Jacob Mars

Boys HP 14 Program Director

Phone: 612-747-8869

Stephen Perry

Boys HP 14 Program Manager

District General Managers

John Petersen

District 2 GM

Phone: 651-338-8315

Molly Anderson

District 3 GM

Phone: 763-486-5380

Jeremy Brennan

District 4 GM

Phone: 507-276-2956

Brian Johnson

District 5 GM

Phone: 320-221-0592

Angie Luedtke

District 6 GM

Phone: 612-718-8226

Rich Rakness

District 8 GM

Phone: 651-455-1725

Tom Christenson

District 9 GM

Phone: 507-381-0687

Rhonda Madsen

District 10 GM

Phone: 612-747-7414

Dave Esse

District 11 GM

Phone: 218-391-8845

Roger Mischke

District 12 GM

Phone: 218-851-2906

Dennis Bushy

District 15 GM

Phone: 218-236-6650

Jake Mack

District 16 GM

Phone: (218)-434-0652

Program News