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Ted Brill Great 8

For over 30 years, the CCM High Performance Ted Brill Great 8 has provided the top high school players in Minnesota the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities to coaches and scouts from junior, collegiate and professional teams.  The three-day tournament has expanded from two region teams (outstate & metro), in its inaugural season, to eight teams.

Organized by the Minnesota High School Hockey Coaches Association and Minnesota Hockey, the CCM High Performance Ted Brill Great 8 is designated as a national development program by USA Hockey and continues to play a vital role in player development and exposure in Minnesota.

Ted Brill Great 8: The tournament consists of eight teams of the top high school players in Minnesota. Four teams are selected from Senior players, and another four teams, referred to as HP 18’s, are determined from Junior players born in 2006. The Senior and HP 18 teams will be formed according to paired high school sections (Sections 1 & 3, Sections 2 & 6, Sections 4 & 5, Sections 7 & 8).

Each high school coach has the ability to nominate players.  Following the nomination process, high school coaches will vote on which players should represent their section. The selected teams, consisting of 20 players each, will compete in three games at the CCM High Performance Ted Brill Great 8.

All players will be evaluated at the tournament and 40 (20 HP Seniors and 20 HP 18’s) will be selected to play in the CCM Minnesota High School Hockey National Invitational Tournament.

Dates: April 19 - 21, 2024 at Doug Woog Arena in South St. Paul, MN

CCM Minnesota High School Hockey National Invitational Tournament (NIT): The CCM NIT is an annual showcase tournament featuring the top high school hockey players in the country. Each year Minnesota selects two teams (Minnesota HP Seniors & Minnesota HP 18) of 20 players from participants at the Ted Brill Great 8 to represent Minnesota.

Teams from Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts & North Dakota have participated in the CCM NIT. The showcase is held in conjunction with the CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance 16 & 17 Final 54 Festival, attracting junior, college and professional scouts.

Dates: April 26 – 28, 2024 at Plymouth Ice Center

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Program News

Program Contacts

Paul Moen

Great 8 Program Director

Phone: 651-246-3514

Chad Nyberg

Great 8 HP Seniors Program Manager

Phone: 952-484-5500

Matt Erredge

Sections 1 & 3 GM

Phone: 507-358-8981

Joe Law

Sections 2 & 6 GM

Phone: 651-491-3373

Jeff Lagoo

Sections 4 & 5 GM

Phone: 651-308-8390

Steve Wasko

Sections 7 & 8 GM

Phone: 218-348-6759