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Give and Go Off the Boards

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 01/08/24, 10:00AM CST



This week's Drill of the Week features a three-player drill that focuses on possessing the puck off of the boards and getting yourself in position to take a quick shot on net.


  • O1 skates to the inside of the cone and then skates towards the boards as the coach behind the net rings the puck up the boards.
  • O1 retrieves the puck off the wall, turns up, and passes to O2.
  • After O1 passes, they go around the cone and then open back up to O2 and receive a pass back.
  • O1 can either take a one-timer on the net or take a stride and take a quick shot on the goalie.


  • Gaining the puck off the boards.
  • Quick shots, one-timers.
  • Opening up for passes.

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