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Net Front 2 v 2

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 10/23/23, 8:00AM CDT



This week's Drill of the Week comes from Osseo-Maple Grove Bantam coach Kurt Halstrom. Halstrom shares a 2 v 2 drill that emphasizes defensive components within the game while being creative offensively with player movement and puck support to generate scoring opportunities.


  • F1 & F2 start the rush against D1 & D2. Play it out 2 v 2 in the zone.
  • On the whistle, F3 makes a pass to D3 or D4, who have stepped out to the blue line from center ice. F3 & F4 go to the net.
  • F1 & F2 release to defend the shot from the point. D1 & D2 release to defend against F3 & F4.
  • D3 & D4 make a play and try to get the puck through to the net. Play it out in the zone as a 4 v 4.
  • On the whistle, F3 & F4 get a pass from the line and go 2 v 2 against D3 & D4.
  • Drill repeats.


  • Communication.
  • Deflections, Screens, Retrievals & Rebounds.
  • Changing the angle of shots to get the puck through traffic.
  • Defensive positioning (D-Side), Defending & Battling in front of the net.
  • Encourage players to be creative, move and support the puck and generate passing or shooting lanes.
  • Emphasis on timely decision-making, puck & player movement, puck support, puck possession and creating scoring opportunities.

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