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Double 2 on 1 with Point Shot

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 01/30/23, 10:30AM CST



This week's Drill of the Week comes from Brooke White, who is the CCM Girls HP 15's District 6 Head Coach, the Minnesota Hockey Girls Tier 1 District 6 Lakers Head Coach and the Minnesota Hockey Girls Development Coordinator.


  • Both sides are running simultaneously. Total of 8 players total with 4 moving on each end.
  • Whistle 1: Starts the 2 on 1 from the corner. F1 and F2 vs D1 to the net as quick as possible.
  • Whistle 2: The next player in the corner passes the puck up to D2 at the blue line. D2 walks the blue line and takes a shot on net. F1 and F2 are battling D1 in front of the net and looking to screen and tip the puck. D1 is trying to block out the forwards and picking up sticks in front of the net.
  • Whistle 3: D1 picks up a puck in the corner and breaks out F1 and F2. D2 slips over and plays the 2 on 1 into the opposite end of the ice.


  • D1, who breaks out F1 and F2, is done after the breakout.
  • D1, who breaks out F1 and F2, follows up the 2 on 1 to the blue line to take a shot from the point.


  • Tips and Screens.
  • Works on two different 2 on 1's.
  • Picking up sticks and blocking out the front of the net.
  • Multiple players are moving at once.

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