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2v0 Rebound Drill

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 12/12/22, 7:30AM CST



This week's Drill of the Week, Presented by Coach Them is a rebound drill that involves putting a shot on net that the goalie has to work to control while the other player crashes the net to get the rebound.


  • Both skaters start on either side of the coach at the top of the offensive zone.
  • The coach lightly passes the puck into the boards, and the skater on that side gathers the puck, skates past the divider, and then puts a hard and low shot on the goalie.
  • The other skater skates hard to the net, and their job is to try and collect the rebound and score.


  • The shooter should keep the puck low so the goalie has a tougher time stopping it.
  • Both players should be moving at game speed.
  • The skater crashing the net should stop hard in front and not do a fly-by.

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