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Drill of the Week: Forecheck 2 vs 1

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 01/04/22, 9:00AM CST



USA Hockey ADM Regional Manager Roger Grillo shares a drill designed to teach good forecheck habits and concepts in a station based practice during the 2021 USA Hockey Level 5 Coaches Symposium held in Duluth, MN.


  • D skates the puck around the net and attempts to skate the puck between two tires (or cones) at the top of the zone.
  • On coach signal, F1 forechecks, using good angling and stick on puck to force the defending player to the boards. 
  • On coach signal, F2 provides support on the forecheck. F1 & F2 attempt to create a turnover and attack the net quickly.
  • Variations:
    • Start all players higher and dump the puck in so the D must work on the retrieval as well.
    • Use the full zone so the D can go to either side of the ice.
    • Start the F at the same time so they must communicate F1/F2.


  • Defense - Get feet up ice and have head up
  • F1 - Timing, angling and body/stick positioning.
  • F2 - Read the play and provide appropriate support.
  • F1 & F2 - Attack the net quickly after turnovers.

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