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Drill of the Week: Goalie Redirects & Rebounds

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 11/30/21, 9:00AM CST



Steve Carroll, who serves as camp director of the CCM HP Dave Peterson Goalie Camp, shares a goalie drill that focuses on redirections, rebounds and screens.


  • A shooter is in the slot with pucks. Two players (use goalies if you have more than one) are on each side of the net with sticks ready for an initial tip and to play a rebound.
  • The shooter can aim at either side of the net for a tip. 
  • The goaltender must track the initial shot, make a save on the redirection, control the rebound and cover the puck.
  • The two tip players can play one rebound. 
  • To make the drill more difficult, change the location of the initial shot and/or add a screen. 


  • Track the puck all the way in
  • Stay square
  • Use the correct recovery leg
  • Finish the play

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