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Drill of the Week: Goal Line Stand

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 10/05/21, 1:30PM CDT



Two Rivers (formerly Henry Sibley) High School and Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Team Assistant Coach Ted Cheesebrough shares a small area game that emphasizes players battling for body and stick position in front of the net.


  • This 2v2 drill takes place in a trapezoid extending from the slot down toward both corners. Coach should be in between the hashmarks with pucks. Resting players form a boundary and should prevent pucks from exiting the playing area.
  • To attack, a player must take the puck below the goal line and then bring it back out to a scoring position. The opposing team must defend until they can win possession, at which point they need to carry the puck below the goal line before attempting to score. 
  • If a puck is scored, frozen or leaves the playing area, the coach adds a new puck below the goal line for the players to battle for. 
  • To play the game without a goaltender, attacking players should only be allowed to shoot with both feet in the crease.


On Defense:

  • Battle for good body position
  • Emphasize good stick position to eliminate passing and shooting lanes
  • Neutralize net front chances by engaging the attackers' sticks and body

On Offense:

  • Attack the net quickly after turnovers
  • Get to the hard areas
  • Win second chance opportunities

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