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Boys 14: Districts 6 & 9 Each Open Day 1 With Two Wins

By Jacob LeVasseur, 04/24/21, 7:00AM CDT


District 16 vs District 4

Friday morning we opened the Duluth HP Festival with the Boys 14’s District 16 (Gold) taking on District 4 (Gray). D16 players were making nice quick passes and getting the puck to the net with the D4 goalies Gavin Lamphere and Connor Hudson stopping 45 shots.

After going down 2-0, D4 was able to come back into the second half and put a point on the board, but still fell short after D16 put two more into the net. The final score is 4-1 in favor of D16.

Box Score

District 10 vs District 9

After a game of speed, we had a game between District 10 (Green) and District 9 (Navy) that saw a lot of heavy contact. Both teams threw their weight around in an awesome back and forth game. The first half ended 2-1 in favor of D9.

The second half ended scoreless as D9 held on for the win.

Box Score

District 6 vs District 8

The third game of the day was District 8 vs District 6. Crisps passes, good defense and great goaltending contributed to an intense game where both teams were going up and down the ice with back and forth action.  

This one ended up 2-1 in favor of D6 and marks the first time in the history of the Boys 14 Festival that D8 has lost! What a streak, and what a game to break it.

Box Score

District 5 vs District 11

This game was fun to watch, filled with numerous momentum changes and exciting goal scoring runs by each team. District 5 seemed to be dialed in right away scoring the first three goals quickly in the first, and then in an instant the score was 3-2 to end the first half.

In the second half, it looked like we were about to watch quite a shoot out when D5 regained control and ended up winning the game with the final score of 6-3.

Box Score

District 4 vs District 9

District 9 and District 4 came out firing on all cylinders for this game in what was a very well defended game. Both teams had good puck control in their offensive zones but struggled to get the puck to the net. They did a great job getting their sticks in the passing and shooting lanes and ended up tying the first half 1-1.

In the second half, Jackson Bielenberg-Howarth (D9) scored two goals early and put District 4 on their heels. D4 was able to dig in and score two goals from Luke Mcpherson and Charles Clements but came up short at the buzzer where D9 took the win 4-3.

Box Score

District 6 vs District 10

These districts were back in action for their second game of the day. In another well played defensive game these teams seemed to be evenly matched and went back and forth down the ice for the entirety of the first half and ended in a 1-1 tie.

District 6 came out blazing in the second half and went on a shooting frenzy and rattling the twine three more times from three different players. Final score in this one was 4-1 in favor of District 6.

Box Score

District 8 vs District 16

Another two teams completing their double header in the last game of the night was District 8 and District 16. District 8 came out of the locker room with a purpose and put three very quick goals in the net and a timeout was called to by the District 16 coaches. The D16 team was able to calm down and played much better from there on, using their physical play to limit scoring opportunities for D8.

D8 didn’t score any more in the first half but tacked on two more goals in the second half and cruised to a 5-1 win.

Box Score

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