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Drill of the Week: 3-Puck Showdown

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 03/09/21, 11:00AM CST



This week we highlight a drill from the annual CCM HP Dave Peterson Goalie Camp in which goalies compete one-on-one against a shooter on three shots from close range.


  • Set up two pucks below the goal line, one on each side of the net. Set another puck between the hashmarks. A shooter starts with a puck between the top of the crease and the hash marks.
  • The shooter attacks the net and tries to score with the first puck. 
  • The shooter chooses one of the pucks below the goal line for a second attempt. 
  • The shooter then loops out to the hash marks for a third and final attempt on net. 


  • Emphasize compete level by establishing outcomes for number of goals vs saves
  • Discuss shot angle to teach importance of positioning and depth

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