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Drill of the Week: 4 Corner Passing

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 03/02/21, 1:15PM CST



USA Hockey ADM Regional Manager and Rochester native Guy Gosselin shares a drill that can be used for a warm up or to work on passing skills.


  • Variation 1: The first player in all four lines skate to the middle with a puck and makes a pass to a player in another line. After making the pass, the player keeps moving for a give-and-go. Upon receiving a pass back, the player skates back to the center of the ice and continues making give-and-go passes with players in the four corners until the next whistle.  Keep "shifts" to 25-30 seconds.
  • Variation 2: Same idea as variation 1, all four players go to the middle but this time they open up like getting a breakout pass.
  • Variation 3: 2 pucks start in the middle. The first two players to reach the puck, in this case and grab the puck, make an escape move then pass to one of the other open players. They make an escape and pass it back until the next whistle and the next four players will chase after the two pucks.


  • Encourage communication through talking, eye contact and good targets.
  • Emphasize players keeping their head up to maximize awareness

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