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Drill of the Week: 3-Gate Deception

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 02/02/21, 11:00PM CST



This week we highlight a drill utilized by former USA Hockey ADM Manager and current Ohio State assistant coach Emily West at TRIA Tier I Training Camp to hone offensive creativity and teach angling skills.


  • The player with the puck must start behind the goal line. The puck carrier is trying to use deception to fool the player without the puck and skate through one of the three gates with possession of the puck.
  • The defending player has the objective of not allowing the puck carrier through any of the gates or creating a turnover. If the defending player gains possession, he/she must make a pass to the coach. 
  • Give each pair three reps and then switch to the next group. Make sure players take turns on offense and defense.


  • Offense - Puck protection and deception
  • Defense - Angling, stick position and limiting time and space

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