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Drill of the Week: Reese's Pieces

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 12/15/20, 11:00AM CST



For this week's drill, Augsburg assistant coach Ashley Holmes shares an Auggie favorite that incorporates breakout, rush and in-zone offense concepts. The Reese's Pieces drill can be used to provide flow to practice and emphasize important habits at Bantam/15U levels and up.


  • Pucks start in the center circle and opposite corners. Both sides go at the same time and then switch sides half way through.
  • F1 dumps the puck into the corner. D retreats backwards and then pivots to retrieve when the puck is dumped in. F1 opens up for a breakout on the half wall and F2 acts as center support. D makes a breakout pass to either forward and F1/F2 have a 2-0 rush. 
  • After the breakout pass, D sprints to the far blue line. 
  • After the 2-0, one F recovers a second puck in the corner and makes a low to high pass to D who walks to the middle and shoots. One F should stay net front for a screen/tip and the other should give the D a high tip option. Let the rebound play out before the next group begins.


On Breakout:

  • Shoulder checks and retrieve the puck on forehand
  • F support low, get toes up ice and communicate

On Point Shot:

  • Head up and either shoot for sticks or shoot to score if a good screen
  • One F takes away the goalies eyes and the other finds a "soft area" for a high tip

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