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Drill of the Week: 3 vs 3 Middle Breakout

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 11/18/20, 10:00AM CST



Many breakouts start with turnovers caused by good defensive zone coverage so teaching players how to transition quickly from defending to starting a rush is critical. This breakout game from Owatonna High School coach Josh Storm emphasizes using the middle of the ice to fuel possession breakouts.


  • Teams play 3 vs 3 below the top of the circles. Play for 20-25 seconds. Teams rotate defense to offense to out.
  • Offensive team receives one point for a shot on net and two points for goals. The defensive team receives one point for a blocked shot, one point for a breakout through the middle tires and have a chance to score on the goalie/net in the neutral zone for a bonus point.
  • Offensive team must sprint to the blue line after the whistle or allowing a breakout. 
  • To emphasize possession breakouts, the defending team is not allowed to "clear pucks". If a puck is chipped out, give a new puck to the offensive team. 


  • Defensive team - One player on the puck, good sticks, use appropriate body contact, puck support
  • Offensive team - Move with and without the puck, be "above" the puck, create switches, shoot off the pass and hunt rebounds

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