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The Drill of the Week: Pepper Drill

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 10/19/20, 12:30PM CDT



Brooke White, Minnesota Hockey's girls player development coordinator, shares a high tempo shooting drill that engages players' creativity and decision making. The Pepper Drill is also easily modified for various numbers of players, goalies, nets and stations, and it provides game-like situations in a socially distanced format.


  • One active player (F) starts with pucks in the slot area.
  • 2-4 support players are spaced out on each side of the net
  • The active player (F) has up to 30 seconds to take as many shots as they can while their feet are moving. He/she must pass to and receive a pass back from at least one support player before each shot and engage all support players during the allotted time.
  • Players should be encouraged to utilize creativity and apply various game concepts such as give-and-go's, escapes, rebounds, one-timers, etc.
  • Coaches can implement additional rules to encourage players to work on desired skills such as backwards skating, transitions, starts/stops, one-touch passes, communication, etc.


  • Emphasis on high tempo and quick decisions
  • Encourage creativity
  • Keep feet moving at all times

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