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Tournament Contacts

New Rule for Invitational Tournaments

The host of an Invitational Tournament shall respond within ten business days of the receipt of any application and inform the applicant whether the application is accepted, incomplete, declined or wait listed. Responses shall include the following:

a.) If incomplete, the reason it is deemed incomplete shall be identified and the date by which any deficiencies are to be corrected.

b.) If wait listed, the date a final decision will be made to accept or decline the application. If wait listed the applicant shall be allowed to withdraw the application any time before acceptance and receive a full refund.

c.) If declined, refund of all tournament fees.

The acceptance of any application will be deemed a final decision; the host will not be permitted to decline a previously accepted application unless the tournament is cancelled.

Penalties for violating this rule, such as excluding the host team, will be determined by the District Director.

(As approved at April 2019 Minnesota Hockey Board Meeting)


2020-21 Sanctioned Tournament Application

This application should be completed by Minnesota Hockey affiliated associations only.

2020-21 Sanctioned Tournament Application for Non-Affiliates

Organizations interested in hosting sanctioned tournaments in Minnesota that are not Affiliates of Minnesota Hockey must utilize this form.

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