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Having a child in youth hockey may be one of the most rewarding experiences you have as a parent. Starting when your son or daughter first puts on skates, you will watch them rapidly improve the unique skills they learn in hockey, gain pride in their team and community and develop important off-ice skills such as teamwork and perseverance that will serve them throughout their lives. And most importantly, the fun they have on the ice will instill a deep rooted passion for the game that they can pass onto future generations of players.

Just like any single hockey game or life in general, you and your child will likely face questions and challenges during this journey. Whether it is being uncertain how to pick the right stick out for your player, him or her not making a desired team or disagreeing with the decisions of coaches, it is important to view these situations as opportunities to grow.

As an organization made up of parents, coaches, volunteers and players that have experienced these issues firsthand, Minnesota Hockey is dedicated to providing extensive resources that can provide insight into any situation you face in an effort to make a your experience a little bit easier and a lot more fun!

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