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Minnesota Adult Hockey

Known as the State of Hockey throughout the US, Minnesota is home to the largest group of youth hockey players in the nation and one of the most popular high school tournaments in the country. But hockey is far more than a child's game in Minnesota. It's a lifestyle with deep roots, and it is increasingly becoming a lifetime sport.

The rising number of adults playing hockey can largely be attributed to the improved organization and structure provided by leagues such as the Adult Hockey Association (AHA Hockey) and Minnesota Wild Adult Hockey League, as well as the outreach programs these associations have initiated. 

At the adult level, players are able to participate with the purpose of having fun, staying active and physically fit, without worrying about the pressures of competition or a detailed training program. There are even beginner programs available for adults who've never played hockey before but are interested in trying it. 

For more information on Minnesota's largest adult hockey organizations, follow the links below. 

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Adult Hockey Association

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Minnesota Wild Adult Hockey League

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