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Ask the Coach

Ask the Goalie Coach

Goaltending questons answered by Goalie Coach for USA Hockey's Minnesota District.

My 8-year-old son switches back and forth from wanting to be a goalie and wanting to be a forward.  Is it ok to play goalie with his forward skates? When should I consider buying him goalie skates? (Ernie S., Bemidji, Minn.)

MN Hockey Goalie Coach: Goalie skates are used differently than they have been in the past. Years ago, goalies used the inside edge of their skates to stop the puck. Because of that, it was critical to they got into goalie skates as soon as possible to provide protection to the inside of the foot.

Today, most goalies used their leg pads to stop pucks along the ice. Protection of the foot is not a top priority.

Goalie skates today are used to provide a stable, balanced stance. Goalies now use the inside edges of their skates to get into proper position to make the appropriate save.

So my thought is a beginner can play goal with his "forward" skates and be just fine. Once you are convinced your son has become a little more serious about the position and perhaps wants to play goalie full-time, then I would get him into goalie skates

What color tape should i use on my goalie stick? (Linda T., Duluth, Minn.)

Minnesota Hockey Goalie Coach: The color tape you use is up to you. Some goalies like using a tape color that matches their team colors. Many goalies like using white tape on their blade and top end of the stick. White tape doesn't seem to cause as much wear and tear on the palm of the blocker glove that black tape tends to do.

Some goalies prefer to make the end knob on their stick with black tape, then cover it with a layer of white tape. Many goalies like using white tape on the blade of their stick. It can be lighter than other options, and makes it is easier to see the puck.



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