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Minnesota Girls' Leagues

2023-24 Girls Leagues & Teams

2023-24 Girls Committee

The girl’s league committee is made up of the two VP Coordinators (Maroon and Gold) and the State Wide Girls Coordinator.  The mission of the committee is to set the leagues that are fair and equitable throughout the state.  This includes classifications and levels of play in Minnesota Hockey. The classifications of play are 6U, 8U. 12U, 15U, and 19U. The levels of play are A and B.

The State Wide Coordinator meets with all the district girls’ representatives and gathers the data received by them.  The Girl’s League Committee meets in October and puts the leagues together with the help of all the district girls’ representatives from each District. There are many factors that are reviewed when developing the leagues. These include travel, number of teams in each league, how leagues would seed to MH regions, and how many teams from each region will be seeded to the MH state tournaments.  

Steve Gapinski

Committee Co-Chair

Tom Christenson

Committee Co-Chair

Doug Foster

State Girls Coordinator

Phone: 612-281-5732

Chris Ochs

League 1 Coordinator

Phone: 612-322-9577

Joe Anderson

League 2 Coordinator

Phone: 952-292-7525

Jeff Luke

League 3 Coordinator

Phone: 612-600-3227

Chris Foley

League 4 Coordinator

Phone: 507-828-0146

Kim Monahan

League 5 Coordinator

Phone: 612-802-1407

Chris Evans

League 6 Coordinator

Phone: 952-212-2149

Jeff Daggit

League 8 Coordinator

Phone: 651-343-3067

Amanda Reed

League 9 Coordinator

Phone: 507-276-7276

Jody Cline

League 10 Coordinator

Phone: 763-257-3941

Steve Meyer

League 11 Coordinator

Phone: 218-390-6898

Jeremy Carlson

League 12 Coordinator

Phone: 218-398-2625

David Kicker

League 15 Coordinator

Phone: 320-630-6159

Mark Elliot

League 16 Coordinator

Phone: 218-759-9411