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Success Stories

Local Ideas, Big Time Impact

Bring A Friend Try Hockey

For years hockey associations have known that word of mouth plays a critical role in growing their programs at the youngest levels. This event takes that idea one step further by encouraging current players to actively engage their friends in trying hockey.

Apple Valley Girls Hockey Weekend

In 2013, Apple Valley Hockey Association hosted a unique combination of events spanning Friday through Sunday of the IIHF's World Girls Hockey Weekend. See how they used each event to help them reach specific goals for their girls' program.

Girl Scout Skating Party

Looking for a new idea on how to attract girls hockey players? Try connecting with the local Girl Scout troop for a skating party. The current girl scouts can earn their skating badge and you have the opportunity to introduce them to hockey. It's a win-win!

New Family Orientation Night

One of the most significant barriers from entry when it comes to hockey is simply the perceptions associated with it and a lack of knowledge of the sport. By providing new families with an opportunity to ask questions and learn in a welcoming environment, associations can remove those barriers and make it easier to start hockey.

National Events & Programs

Themed Try Hockey For Free

This event utilizes a holiday such as Halloween, Christmas or Valentine's Day to combine an already effective program in Try Hockey For Free with a theme and additional events to attract more participants.

After School Program

The first step in learning to play hockey is figuring out how to skate. By conducting an after school program that teaches all kids how to skate, associations can increase the likelihood of nontraditional families signing their kids up for hockey.

Score for Schools

Scores for Schools is a field trip opportunity for local schools to incorporate the science and physical education offered at an ice arena to students. It’s one thing to get promotional information into the schools, but if you can get a child into the rink and send them home with a free open skating voucher in addition to programming flyers, the impact is two-fold. Because ice during the day is not often utilized, this is a great opportunity to expose kids who may not otherwise get to the rink.

Flex Development Program

The Flex Development program lets busy families play hockey and participate in multiple activities while keeping kids engaged, which provides extra value. Three slots are provided per week with the same programming, and lets families decide when it’s time for hockey.