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Boys HP 14 Summer Camp

Below are the team rosters for the 2019 Boys HP 14 Summer Camp in St. Cloud, MN. For an alphabetical list of selectees and alternates, click hereAfter checking the list, please scroll further down the page for additional instructions and informational videos! 

Camp apparel order deadline is June 16.



You have been chosen either as a selectee or an alternate to attend the CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance 14 Summer Festival. The festival will be held at St Cloud State University in St Cloud, MN on June 16-20, 2019. 

The next step for selectees and alternates is to download the Summer Festival Booklet, read the contents carefully and watch the video below. After finishing, selectees should return to this page to register for Phase 4 of the CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance 14 program. Alternates should not register unless they are contacted directly.

Note: If you notice your name was misspelled above, please notify one of the contacts below. Names will be printed on rosters at the Summer Festival, and we want to ensure they are spelled correctly.

Jacob Mars

Boys HP 14 Program Director

Phone: 612-747-8869

Stephen Perry

Boys HP 14 Program Manager

Looking forward to camp? Here is what to expect!