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Boys HP 15 Summer Camp

An alphabetical list of selectees for the 2022 Boys HP 15 Development Camp is posted below. After checking the list, please scroll further down the page for additional instructions including a link to register. The deadline for registration is May 31st.


Betzer, Jack
Bielenberg Howarth, Jackson
Campion, Caden
Cottingham, Landon
Couet, Blake
De St.Hubert, Finn
Distad, Will
Faith, Jake
Geerdes, Nolen
Heger, Kyle
Hontvet, Broden
Kertz, Tommy
Klaers, Danny
Koering, Nick
Lang, Casper
Law, Andrew
Laylin, Bode
Leake, Rylan
Lindberg, Garrett
Mickelson, Brandon
Miller, Tommy
Moe, Carson
Murphy, Jack
Nichols, Christian
Peterson, Henry
Phillips, Maceo
Riley, Bridger
Rombach, Jacob
Sampair, Henry
Schmiedeberg, Cole
Schulte, Sam
Steinhoff, Carson
Sundvall, Ethan
Tomminello, Owyn
Warren, Jax
Youngberg, Will


Ackley, Anton
Charney, Eli
Desjardins, Dawson
Gabriel, Leo
Greniuk, Gavin
Huber, Landon
Kalis, Izaak
Krey, Brady
Lanahan, Zane
Lunnenborg, Owen
Niesen, Cody
Stenehjem, Charles


You have been chosen to attend the CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance Boys 15 Summer Development Camp. The camp will be held at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN on June 18-23, 2022. The deadline for registration is May 31st.

The next step is to register for Phase 4 of the CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance 15 program. 

Note: If you notice your name was misspelled above, please contact the program manager below. Names will be printed on jerseys at the Summer Festival, and we want to ensure they are spelled correctly.

Not On List?


Scott Dornfeld

Boys HP 15 Program Director

Phone: 763-202-2528