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Minnesota Hockey Officials Association

A Minnesota Officiating Legend

*Click on the red bar above* to learn more about Minnesota Legend Darrell Gedney (The Minnesota Pickle) as chronicled in this FOX 9 story.

Darrell Gedney

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Minnesota Hockey Officials Association (MHOA) is a great resource for your officiating experience. Minnesota Hockey highly recommends all officials become an MHOA member. MHOA uses the membership fees to create scholarships, maintain mentoring programs, evaluate officials, fund developmental camps, and subsidize Minnesota Hockey State Tournament officials’ expenses. 

You must be a member of MHOA to work Minnesota Hockey Regional and or State tournament games. MHOA training camps are only available for members of MHOA.

As a member of MHOA you would be entitled to one vote on any issue requiring the consent of the general membership, provided the member has completed the USA Hockey registration process. For the 2024-25 season, all officials age 17 or older will have a membership fee of $12. Officials age 16 and under at the time of registration will be able to obtain a membership for free. 

MHOA 6th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

From left to right: Tom Anick, Bay Zuehlke, Cody Mann, Keith Oleheiser

The 6th Annual MHOA Scholarship Golf Tournament, supporting officials in their education and development was held this summer. Congratulations to our winners Tom Anick, Bay Zuehlke, Cody Mann and Keith Oleheiser.

Scholarship Fund for Officials

Each year, the Minnesota Hockey Officials Association offers scholarship awards to hockey officials in Minnesota who will be graduating high school. These scholarships are one-time awards that do not need to be repaid and may be used toward education at any post-high school institution. The Minnesota Hockey Officials Association will offer scholarships for registered officials.

For more information, see the announcement letter and application below.

Directive on Hateful Speech

The president of USA Hockey, Jim Smith, has issued a directive, effective immediately, that all racial or derogatory slurs that are penalized under rule 601 (e.3) must carry an automatic match penalty instead of the game misconduct penalty originally specified in the rulebook.

Match penalties also include a 5 minute major component to them. Officials, this means that any player now penalized under this rule will be ejected from the game and another player must sit for 5 minutes to serve the aforementioned major component of the match penalty.

Please review the full letter from Mr. Smith below.

Declaration of Player Safety

This year, USA Hockey has published a Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play, and Respect. It is expected that all officials read, understand, and abide by this declaration. To that end, a video has been created that discusses the declaration and how you, as an official, can help ensure Minnesota Hockey's compliance with this, as well as enforcement of all rules highlighted in this document.

Also attached is an example video of acceptable vs unacceptable body checks.

Please keep these items in mind as you officiate games for Minnesota Hockey during the 2023-2024 season and beyond.

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Remember the Leslie Fund!

Help officials become the best they can be.  Contributions will always be welcomed to this cause.  Make any contibution you can and mail it to:

"Leslie Fund" 

Kurt Hyster

840 Curry Trail

Eagan, MN. 55123 - 1982

The Fund is growing and helping Minnesota officials needing financial support to be a better official.