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CCM HP Boys 15: Day 1

By Minnesota Hockey, 04/22/16, 10:30PM CDT



CCM HP Boys 15: Day 1


Districts 6 and 8

                District 8 and District 6 would play the first game of the Boys HP 15 pool play.  District 6 got the scoring started with ten minutes left in the first half on a goal from Grant Silianoff.  District 6 would tally two more in the opening frame with goals from Bobby Brink and Tyler RollwagenNic Henry would make it 4-0 in favor of District 6 just two minutes into the second half.  Less than a minute later Nicholas Vega would make it 5-0 for District 6.  District 8 would make a push half way through the second period with a goal from Shane Griffin, but the damage was already too much.  Rollwagen would pick up his second of the game to seal the victory for District 6 6-1.

Districts 10 and 15

                District 10 and District 15 would face off in the second game of the Boys HP 15 tournament.  District 10 took an early lead on a goal by Justin Lawry.  Exactly two minutes later Zach Shaffer would up the lead to 2-0 for District 10.  Austen Humphrey picked up a goal in the last five minutes of the first period to make it 3-0 in favor of District 10.  Creighton McMahon would pick up the fourth and final goal for District 10 to make the final score 4-0.

Districts 3 and 4

                The third game of the Boys HP 15 tournament would pit District 3 and District 4.  District 3 would pick up a goal from Tyler Kostelecky just a minute and a half into the game.  District 3 would open the flood gates from that moment on.  Kostelecky would bury three other goals in the game which would end in a 17-0 landslide.  Garrett Pinoniemi would also tally a hat trick for District 3 while Jacob Hale and Jonah Jangula would each have a pair of goals.  Other goal scorers for District 3 would include Thomas Bergsland, William Svenddal, Trevor Kukkonen, Joel Matthews, Connor Winkleman, and Ian Bahr.  The diversity of scoring plays would even include an assist from goaltender Danny Fraga in the first period.

Districts 5 and 16

The fourth game of the night would feature District 16 taking on District 5.  A goaltender’s dual between Zachary Foster and Noah Amundson would lead to a scoreless first period.  Brandt Pedersen would strike first for District 5 just three minutes into the second period with the assist going to Jacob Braccini.  Just under ten minutes later Devin Huebner and Nick Foldesi would combine to make it 2-0, with the goal awarded to Huebner.  Mack Motzko would assist on a Luc Laylin goal to put District 5 up 3-0 with under ten minutes to play in the game.  District 16 made a push on a goal from Aaron Huglen assisted by Evan Pederson.  However, it would not be enough to spark a comeback as District 5 would go on to win the game with a final score of 3-1.

Districts 9 and 2

The Boys HP 15 play would continue with a match up between District 9 and District 2.  It was all District 2 from the start as Brady O’Brien would notch the first goal just four minutes into the game with a feed from Chase BillAdam Eisele would score the next two goals, his first assisted by Niklas Norman and the second unassisted.  Ryan O’Neill would round off the scoring in the first period with passes coming from Robert Christy and Ben Stucker, making it 4-0 District 2 going into the intermission.  Norman would pick up his first goal of the game with the assist going to Wyatt BegleyMatthew Gleason would then help Norman pick up his second goal of the game with just over three minutes left in the game.  Finishing off the scoring was Ben Stucker with an assist going to Ryan O’Neill to make the final score 7-0 in favor of District 2.

District 11 and 12

The final game of Friday night for the Boys HP 15 was a matchup between District 11 and District 12.  It was a slow start to the game, but the size of District 11 eventually proved to be too much for their opponents.  District 11 tallied eight goals from seven different players with the lone goal in the first period being provided by Ethan Hietala.  The second period was a different story seeing District 11 score four goals within two minutes early in the period.  Aaron Moore scored the first goal in the second period just over a minute into the period.  Following that just 22 seconds later was a goal by Carter Sullivan.  Then, 19 seconds later Benjamin Siljendahl would make it 4-0 for District 11.  Not to be stopped there, Johnathan Jones would bury an unassisted goal.  A hooking penalty assessed to District 12 would lead to Moore picking up his second goal of the night on the power play.  Jacob Huhta and Brady Baker would score the last two goals for District 11 making the final score 8-0.