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NDBC, Minnesota Hockey Offer Free Baseline Tests

By Minnesota Hockey, 10/12/14, 8:30AM CDT


Concussions have been shown to be primary injury concern for parents, and baseline tests can reduce that concern..

In a recent study by The Aspen Institute and ESPN, it was found that over 85% of parents have concerns about injuries when they allow their kids to play sports.  When asked what injury they are most concerned about, mothers and fathers agreed that concussions are the primary cause.

Unlike most other serious injuries, parents have the ability to reduce some of that concern surrounding concussions. Parents can play an important role in ensuring their child recovers properly from head injuries by having their kids take a baseline test before an injury occurs.

"Concussions are still a major concern in youth sports,” said Jennifer Ginkel, Clinical Administrator for National Dizzy and Balance Center. “That’s not to say kids shouldn’t play contact sports, but too many people still don’t understand how important it is to kids’ safety that we treat these injuries appropriately. It all starts with ensuring every kid over age 10 has a baseline test on file.”

On November 10-11, Minnesota Hockey and National Dizzy and Balance Center (NDBC) will be hosting concussion clinics for players and parents. The clinics will provide attendees with vital information in regards to the education and management of concussions, including free baseline concussion tests for all players over age 10.

NDBC has a unique team of specialists that utilize a baseline neuropsychological test called ImPACT to provide an objective evaluation of a child’s cognitive abilities prior to injury.  These baseline tests play a critical role in allowing physicians to accurately monitor an athlete’s recovery as they progressively return to play following a concussion.

While players are undergoing their ImPACT test, parents will be encouraged to participate in a free educational session focusing on concussion education. NDBC’s experts will provide detailed information on recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion, the importance of proper management of a concussion and what to look for in a concussion specialist.

“The safety of youth hockey players is of utmost importance to Minnesota Hockey,” said Glen Andresen, Executive Director of Minnesota Hockey. “With an increased focus on the issues surrounding concussions, these clinics will have numerous benefits as far as keeping kids safe and educating parents. This is a tremendous value that NDBC is providing for our members and we are very thankful.”

Four clinics will be held on Monday, November 10 and Tuesday, November 11 starting at 6 p.m. each night. Each clinic will last approximately one hour.

Parents and coaches interested in the clinic for their player or team are encouraged to call 952-913-2907 to secure a seat. NDBC will be hosting all of the clinics at their Edina location and will be handling the scheduling of all participants. 

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