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Take A Deep Breath

By Hal Tearse- Associate Coach in Chief USA Hockey/Minnesota, 04/14/13, 6:30PM CDT


Wild Hockey and end of the Season Blues

Sunday evening- snowing- NCAA Frozen Four over- Now we have the Wild to cheer on. The past season was a contrast in upsets and undergdogs. That is why we play the games. 

Watching the Wild reminds me that in order to win consistently a team needs to score 3 goals a game. Hard to do some nights. Youth coaches should remind their teams that they should be trying to score three or more goals per game  and limit opponents to under three. Obviously it does not happen every game but that is the objective from the pros all the way down to squirts. 

Mid April and winter rages on. Not like our more recent history with weather in Minnesota. Seems like we should be heading to the rink instead of watching the Masters in front of a fire. 

Off season is for other sports, recharging hockey minds and legs, and having fun.