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ATTENTION: Peewee & Bantam Region Bracket Correction

By Minnesota Hockey, 02/20/13, 1:00PM CST


It was brought to the attention of Minnesota Hockey earlier this week that there were some issues with seedings in all Peewee and Bantam region brackets, due to an error on page 40 of the Minnesota Hockey Handbook. After looking into the matter, there was in fact an error that was printed in the handbook that had #1 seeded teams playing #2 seeded teams in the first round, while #2 seeded teams were playing #3 seeded teams.

Here are the pairings as currently listed in the Handbook:

Game 1:  C1 vs A3
Game 2:  A1 vs B2
Game 3:  B1 vs C2
Game 4:  A2 vs B3

This is inconsistent with how the brackets were created in previous years and was an error on the part of Minnesota Hockey. Minnesota Hockey District Directors were made aware of the issue and a vote was held. The vote determined that the change should be made.

Here are the updated pairings for the first round of Peewee & Bantam Region Tournaments:

Game 1:  C1 vs B3
Game 2:  A1 vs B2
Game 3:  B1 vs A3
Game 4:  A2 vs C2

Note: These changes have had a slightly different effect on certain Peewee & Bantam AA Region Tournaments. The updated pairings are listed below.  Click here for a comparison to the original pairings.

We realize this is an inconvenience, but with a week remaining before region tournaments start, we feel there is still sufficient time to inform all participants and volunteers so they can make adjustments. And most importantly, we want to make this fair for the kids, and rightfully reward teams that earned the top seed after their hard work in District playoffs.

The updated brackets have been posted on our Region Tournament pages.

Again, our sincere apologies for the mistake. Please direct any questions or concerns with this correction to Glen Andresen, Executive Director of Minnesota Hockey.

Glen Andresen

Executive Director

Phone: 651-602-5727

Pairings for Peewee & Bantam "AA" Regions

North South East West
C1 vs B3 D12#1 vs D11#3 D9#1 vs D10#4 D2#1 vs D8#3 D15#1 vs D8#5
A1 vs B2 D16#1 vs D11#2 D5#2 vs D2#3 D6#1 vs D8#2 D10#1 vs D3#2
B1 vs A3 D11#1 vs D10#5 D5#1 vs D8#4 D8#1 vs D6#3 D3#1 vs D10#3
A2 vs C2 D16#2 vs D12#2 D5#3 vs. D6#4 D6#2 vs D2#2 D10#2 vs D15#2

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