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Minnesota Hockey finalizes details regarding the 2013 Peewee & Bantam A/AA State Tournament Pilot Program

By Minnesota Hockey, 11/05/12, 12:15PM CST



2013 Minnesota Hockey Peewee & Bantam A/AA State Tournament Pilot Program

For the 2012-2013 Season, the MH Board approved splitting the Peewee A and Bantam A teams into "A" and "AA" levels for the purpose of the end-of-season State Tournaments and associated playdowns.  The process to do this will be as follows:

1.   Each association’s initial classification (A or AA) is determined by the MSHSL classification of the boys’ high school programs that the association serves.

2.   The classification is for the association.  Bantams and Peewees will be the same.

3.   For associations who co-op for 2012-13, their initial classification will correspond to the highest high school classification of the co-op associations.

4.   Associations may request a change in their classification from AA-to-A or A-to-AA using the “Classification Change Form”.  The form shall be completely and honestly filled out, including rationale as to why the association's classification should be changed, and must be signed by the Association President.  Bantams and Peewees will be the same.

5.   Associations can have multiple teams at their approved classification or one at their classification and one or more at a lower classification (one AA team and one or more A teams). If association wants to have multiple teams at a level lower than their approved classification, the teams have to be picked equal. AA and A teams will play in the same league for district play, but may use an unbalanced schedule.

6.   Any request found to have false information will be cause to have the decision reversed.

7.   All “Classification Change Forms” must be received by the cognizant Regional Vice President and copied to the District Director by a date established by the District but in all cases no later than October 6th, 2012.

8.   Final determination will be made by the MH Competition Committee by October 22, 2012.  The committee will consist of the VP Maroon and VP Gold Coordinators and two District Directors from each of the Maroon and Gold Divisions selected by the VP’s.  The committee will consult with the cognizant District Director before a final determination is made.

9.   Please note: the AA classification is solely for Region and State Tournament purposes.  AA Region/State Tournament teams are considered A teams during the regular season.



Pilot Format For Peewee & Bantam A/AA Regions

"A" Regions will use the format as published in the Handbook, with A teams seeded as specified.  "AA" Regions will use the same format, but the AA teams will be seeded as follows:

1.   Districts with one or two AA classified teams will seed all of their teams to a Region, following the same North-South-East-West assignments as the A Regions.

2.   Districts with three or more AA classified teams will be awarded additional Region seeds to fill the remaining Region slots (32 teams total). The additional seeds will be awarded proportionately among the Districts with three or more AA teams.  In case of ties, the District Directors reserve the right to assign seeds by agreement.

3.   Additional seeds will be assigned to Regions using the normal assignments as much as possible.  The lowest-ranked teams (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th teams from a District) may be used to fill in Regions that need teams.  The assignments will be determined by the MH Competition Committee.

4.   The AA North-South-East-West Regions will advance their #1 and #2 teams to the AA State Tournament using the quarterfinal pairings as published in the Handbook.

  This Link Lists Associations Current Classifications  

This Link is the 2012-2013 Change of Classification Form