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Slot Range 2 v 1

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 11/27/23, 12:00PM CST



Connor Clark is Minnesota Hockey's Hockey Programs Manager and is also an assistant coach for the Eden Prairie Boys Hockey team. Connor has spent multiple years coaching in the Spring High Performance and Fall Tier 1 Leagues on top of coaching at the youth and high school levels.


  • Each group of 3 gets 2 quick reps before changing all 3 players.
  • In the first rep, X2 rims the puck to X3 and becomes a defender for the net nearest them (but can't move until X3 touches the puck).
  • X3 must make a wall play and deliver the puck to X1 before X1 and X3 can attack 2v1 against X2.
  • In the second rep, you will do the same thing, but X2 and X3 reverse their roles, with X2 becoming an offensive player.


  • Gaining possession of the puck off the boards.
  • Making a good pass after gaining possession
  • Getting into defensive positioning quickly.
  • Playing 2v1 in a tight area.

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