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Minnesota Hockey Reminder on Locker Room Policies

By Minnesota Hockey, 11/02/23, 11:15AM CDT


Minnesota Hockey has previously passed a rule requiring locker room monitors to be present in locker rooms.

In the past season, over 50% of the reported SAFESPORT violations in Minnesota occurred in locker rooms that were not supervised. This has occurred despite USA Hockey's SAFESPORT policy, which requires locker rooms to be monitored. As a result of this troublesome statistic, Minnesota Hockey has imposed a rule that requires locker room monitors to be present inside locker rooms at all times when more than two players are present. The rule also requires that players not be allowed into a locker room until a locker room monitor is present. Minnesota Hockey is hopeful this rule will prevent unnecessary harm or possible injury to players. There have been incidents that have occurred in other USA Hockey affiliates that have resulted in serious injuries to players. In some instances, this has also resulted in significant monetary settlements levied against the affiliate, the association, and other responsible individuals as a result of lawsuits. There have also been instances of players being injured in unsupervised locker rooms in Minnesota and incidents that have or could have resulted in damage to the physical structure of the arena.

Minnesota Hockey realizes that having locker room monitors is not ideal for the privacy of the players or the cohesion of the team; however, it is believed that it is necessary to provide a safe environment for all players. Minnesota Hockey is hopeful that parents will support their association's leadership and help in this effort to provide a safe experience for all players. Minnesota Hockey hopes to be the leader in the hockey world that provides a safe environment for players of the game.