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Wild 6-Shots

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 01/10/23, 10:00AM CST



CCM High Performance coach and District 12 Coach-in-Chief Amber Fryklund shares a game that focuses on quick passing, shooting and defending in tight spaces.


  • This drill runs out of both ends simultaneously.
  • X1 and X2 start with the puck on the whistle, passing back and forth, and they move up the ice (X1 skating backwards, X2 skating forwards).
  • After the red line, make sure X1 has the puck. X2 will get a pass from the coach in the corner and take the first shot and stay in front of the net to screen.
  • As X1 and X2 get to the red line, X3 releases from the corner and receives a cross-ice pass from X1. X3 goes down and takes the second shot. X3 stays in front of the net to screen with X1.
  • X1 follows up on X3 and receives a pass from the coach at the point. X1 moves laterally across the blue line and takes the third shot, with X2 and X3 providing screens.


  • Quick passing.
  • Screening with tips and deflections.
  • Goalie has to battle through traffic.
  • Good shots.

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