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Shield 2v2

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 01/03/23, 2:00PM CST



This week's Drill of the Week is a Small Area Game that forces fast decision making and creating space in tight areas. Teammates on the outside shield the play and become live when they have the puck.


  • Both nets are close to each other and have a goalie in each net. Two players from each team stand in between each net. The coach is right outside of their playing area. The rest of the players are on their teams side, creating a wall that will keep the play in a small area.
  • The coach dumps the puck into play. The skaters battle for a goal. They can pass to their teammates on the outside if they wish. If the puck escapes and goes to one of the players on the outside, that player can make a play, whether it be a pass or shot. 
  • If the goalie saves the puck or a goal is scored, the coach puts a new puck in play.


  • Battling in small areas.
  • Winning the puck.
  • Quick shots and getting rebounds.
  • Defending the front of the net.
  • Quick decision making.

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