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Breakout Skills - Long Split

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 12/05/22, 7:00AM CST



Woodbury High School Boys head coach and Youth Player Development Director for Minnesota Hockey, Wes Bolin, shares a progression drill that works on breakouts, quick passing and timing.


  • Purpose: Teaching progression to work on break-out skills for two-team shared-ice practices at 10U and 12U levels.
  • Organization: The nets are both at the same end. Pucks are at the far end. Players are lined up along the boards on each blue line. When the first breakout crosses the defensive blue line, the next repetition begins.
  • Coach passes to either center or wing (players work on timing).
  • (Remove theCoach) A player becomes defenseman and passes to center or wing and follows up into the play.
  • Make the drill a 2 v 1 by having the defenseman stop at the far blue line, skate backward to the red line, turn back forward to his defensive blue line and play the next group of forwards that have just broken out.
  • Make the drill a 3 v 1 by having the 4th player slide across to the other side and play the two forwards and one defensemen 3 v 1; whistle controlled.
  • Add a 5th player to back check when the opposite side gets to the defensive blue line: 3 v 1 plus back-pressure to a 3 v 2; whistle controlled.


  • For best results for two-team practices, split each team into two different colors and balance them competitively.
  • For more information about how to run effective two-team practices, contact

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