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Behind the Net Pressure

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 10/24/22, 8:00AM CDT



This small area game focuses on puck control and making quick decisions under pressure to quickly move the puck and get a shot off on net before the defender can block it.


  • Coach passes the puck to O1 along the boards.
  • X goes to pressure O1. X can pressure from either side.
  • O1 has to read the pressure and pick a side to move to and pass to either O2 or O3.
  • O2 or O3 need to get a quick shot off as X will continue to pressure after they pressure O1.
  • Play out the rebound.


  • Fast decision making as O1 has to control the puck and then read the pressure to pick the right side.
  • Quick shots to beat the pressure.
  • Battling in front of the net for rebounds.

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