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Drill of the Week: Bubble Hockey

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 02/08/22, 9:30AM CST



CCM High Performance coach and District 12 Coach-in-Chief Amber Fryklund shares a game that focuses on quick passing, shooting and defending in tight spaces.


  • Players have to be somewhat stationary in their positions. Players can move a little but must stay in their area.
  • Coach starts the game by passing the puck to X1 or O1
  • X1 has possession. They can pass to X2, X3 or shoot. X2 & X3 can pass to each other, back to X1 or shoot. O1 is defending. If O1 gains possession, they can pass to O2, O3 or shoot and X1 must defend. 
  • If the goalie freezes the puck or puck goes out of play, the opposite team receives a puck from the coach. If a goal is score, the coach gives the scoring team a new puck.


  • Quick passes and shots
  • Open up for passes
  • Active sticks
  • Deception & creativity

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