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Drill of the Week: Miami Double Shot

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 02/02/22, 8:30AM CST



Former Eagan High School coach and Minnesota Hockey player development instructor Mike Taylor shares a full ice drill designed to emphasize pace, screens and tips.


  • On the whistle, D1 skates to the top of the circle and transitions backwards. D2 sets puck behind the net. D1 picks up the puck, skates around the net and passed to F1
  • On the same whistle, F1 skates around the NZ dots and skates as deep in zone as possible and receives a pass from D1
  • F1 skates in and puts a low shot on net. Follow the puck and then set up as a screen / tip for a second shot. 
  • D1 sprints to the far blue line and receives a pass from D2. D1 pulls the puck to the middle and shoots. 
  • Both sides should go simultaneously.


  • High Pace
  • Follow your shot!
  • Screen the goalie's eyes
  • Defense shoot to sticks

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