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Drill of the Week: The Pit 3v2 - D Activate

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 01/25/22, 1:30PM CST



Mike Terwilliger, Hockey Programs Manager for Minnesota Hockey, shares a small area game that emphasizes defense joining the rush.


  • There are two F from each team in "The Pit". Each team also has two D behind each net.
  • Forwards start by playing 2 vs 2 in The Pit. On any turnover or change of possession, the F must regroup with their D. The defense go D to D, and then the weak side D joins the forwards to create a 3 vs 2 advantage.  
  • Once the 3 vs 2 team loses possession, the D retreats, and the other team must regroup with their D to start a new 3 vs 2 from the other side. 


  • Emphasize D joining the play
  • F must come back for a short, support pass
  • On offense, focus on puck movement and using numbers to avoid 1-on-1's 
  • On defense, good stick position and blocking passing lanes

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