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How You Can Honor the Game

By Minnesota Hockey, 12/09/21, 11:00AM CST


Everyone likes to win. Players, coaches and parents alike may even say they love to win or hate to lose, and teaching kids how to win, including the effort and preparation it takes long before the game, is a good thing.

Winning is not the most important thing though, especially in youth hockey and all youth sports. Lessons that should transcend the importance of winning or losing include respecting your opponents, the officials and the game of hockey.

That’s why Minnesota Hockey has created the Honor the Game Tournament, which is designed to showcase high levels of competition at the same time as an emphasis on sportsmanship and respect.

With the addition of officials’ introduction, a spectator handshake and the HTG captain, the Honor the Game Tournament helps all participants keep the big picture in mind throughout the weekend, leading to a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Minnesota Hockey would like to congratulate the Waseca Peewee A team on winning this year’s Honor the Game Tournament! For scores from all of the games or to learn more about Honor the Game Tournament, click here.

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