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Drill of the Week: 4v2+2 Power Play Game

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 12/07/21, 9:15AM CST



St. Paul Academy High School coach Bill McClellan shares a small area game that emphasizes offensive concepts and special teams situations.


  • Coach draws a line down the middle of the zone. Both sides of the zone have four offensive players and two defending players. 
  • The four offensive players utilize puck movement and power play concepts to create scoring chances and try to score. The two defending players must use good stick and body positioning to create a turnover. If a defending player gains possession of the puck, they must pass the puck across the zone to one of their four offensive teammates. 
  • All players should take turns on offense and defense. 
  • Point system:
    • 1 point for a shot
    • 1 point for a blocked shot
    • 2 points for a goal
    • More options: 1 point for a one-time pass, 2 points for a one-time shot on net


  • Emphasize quick puck movement including one-time passes and shots
  • Give passes to and receive passes on forehand and under-handle the puck

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