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Drill of the Week: Royals Quick Rush Progression

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 10/25/21, 11:30AM CDT



Woodbury High School coach and Minnesota Hockey's ADM Coordinator Wes Bolin shares a three player rush progression he uses to teach quick puck movement, decision making and offensive instincts in a tight area.


  • Set up two nets in a tight area. Coach throws a puck out with a set team attacking. Players must move the puck and attack the net with pace. 
  • Start 3 vs 0. Players have 2-3 seconds to attack the net and shoot.  
  • Progress to 3 vs 1. Players have 5-6 seconds for a shot, play one rebound.
  • Progress to 3 vs 2. Play for 10-15 seconds. If the defending team gains possession, try to score!


  • Play FAST
  • Move the puck
  • Present a target for pass or shot

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