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Drill of the Week: Wildcat 3 vs 3 Breakout Game

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 10/19/21, 8:15AM CDT



Long time hockey director and Waconia High School coach Anthony Reynolds shows how his teams practice breakout concepts in a game-like setting.


  • Start with the nets higher than a typical cross-ice game (around the top of the circles) to provide more width. Players who are not actively in the game should be at the red line. 
  • On change of possession, teams must take the puck behind their own net and perform a breakout play before attempting to score on the opposite end.
  • To make it easier or allow the players to perform a specific breakout play (D-to-D, reverse, etc.), coaches can require the team without the puck to "tag up" before attacking the breakout. 


  • Support the puck carrier by getting into position for a breakout pass
  • Emphasize communication. Practice using team "calls".

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