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Crossing the Finish Line Together

By Minnesota Hockey, 03/09/21, 11:15AM CST


With postseason play beginning this past weekend, we are officially in the final weeks of the Minnesota Hockey season. This has been a tumultuous year for all of our members. Through it all, players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers have made extraordinary sacrifices to adhere to safety measures and limit the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.

These sacrifices meant inconveniences for many, as well as missing out on the aspects of hockey that are most special like team gatherings and off-ice activities. It also meant a pause on hockey for seven weeks in the middle of the season.

We can’t thank everyone involved enough for all of their diligence and patience through everything!

As the saying goes, it’s not over until the final buzzer sounds. Minnesota Hockey’s goal for the past six months has been to see this season through to the end, and that goal, including the State Tournaments on the weekend of March 26-28, is within reach. Our teams and players at all levels have earned that right to see their seasons through to the end. With growing concern of COVID-19 variants in Minnesota, it is incumbent on everyone to do what we can to cross the finish line.

A lot has been asked of you this year, but we want to make one final ask for these last three weeks. That is to please do everything you can to keep our game going for the kids. This means:

  • Do not send a player to hockey if he or she is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. A player with symptoms should not be near any teammates until he or she has tested negative.
  • Do not hold any team gatherings at any time over the next three weeks. The more players stay out of high risk scenarios, the more likely they and their teammates will be able to continue to play.
  • Stay vigilant on adhering to the Minnesota Hockey guidelines, including arriving at the rink fully dressed, staying out of locker rooms whenever possible and leaving the arena immediately following the conclusion of your game.
  • Push for 100% mask compliance for all, and to have the masks worn properly at all times.

End of the season tournaments are a highlight of the season for every Minnesota Hockey player, and District Tournaments, End-of-season festivals and Region and State Tournaments are highlights of many players’ entire youth hockey experience. Every player that has earned the right to be there should get that chance. Please do everything you can to help them get there.

Thank you!

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