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Drill of the Week: Rebound Battle 2 vs 1

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 02/16/21, 10:45AM CST



Former Eagan High School coach Mike Taylor shares a battle drill designed to emphasize the importance of winning races to rebounds.

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  • A coach or player dumps the puck on net and the goalie plays it to either corner.
  • The first player (F1) in each line compete for the loose puck after the rebound. Whoever gains possession must pass it to the point player (F2) in their line to begin a 2 vs 1.
  • The drill is stopped after a goal, the goalie freezes it, or the puck is moved out of the zone.
  • To add emphasis to other offensive concepts, adjust the starting position of the F1's and/or F2.



  • Anticipate rebound direction
  • Use shoulder checks to find pressure & support
  • Use deception to escape from the corner and open passing lanes


  • Good stick position
  • Try to force a bad angle shot

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