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Drill of the Week: Good Luck 1 vs 1

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 01/05/21, 10:00AM CST



Puck possession starts with winning loose puck battles, and that's the name of the game in this 1v1 drill from Osseo-Maple Grove Bantam coach Kurt Halstrom that rewards players who win puck races and battles with a chance to go on offense.


  • Coach spots a puck in front of the net, equidistant to the two players along the goal line.
  • On the whistle, two players race for the loose puck. The player that wins the puck (X1) passes to the player at the blue line (O).
  • When the pass is completed, O player attacks the net 1v1 against the player who lost the initial puck race (X2).  Play it out to whistle. 
  • X1 goes to the blue line position for next rep, and the other two go back to the lines on the goal line.
  • Variations: Coach can vary how the players start: on belly, back, face the wall, etc., and placement of puck. Instead of a straight line race to puck, instruct players to circle behind net on start, creating a traffic scenario, where they have to "get through" opposition before skating to loose puck. 


  • Quick, explosive starts
  • Competing for loose pucks
  • Emphasize good stick and create an angle on 1v1

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