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Drill of the Week: Breakout & Regroup 2 vs 1

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 12/23/20, 10:00AM CST



Minnesota Hockey player development instructor Erik Anderson shares a drill that highlights how coaches can use stations to teach important game concepts like breakouts, neutral zone regroups and offensive rushes all at once.


  • Coach dumps a puck below the goal line. D retrieves the puck and carries around the net.
  • F1 gets wide and opens up for a breakout pass from the D.
  • After receiving the breakout pass, F1 regroups with F2 who is in the neutral zone, and they attack the D who started the breakout on a 2v1 rush.


  • Shoulder check on puck retrieval
  • Open up and present a good target for the breakout pass
  • Emphasize gap control

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