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Being a “Good Teammate” is a Priority

By Minnesota Hockey & MYAS, 11/12/20, 12:45PM CST


Minnesota Hockey & Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, Inc. Create Unified Voice for Compliance of COVID Safety Guidelines

As the Minnesota winter community-based youth hockey and basketball seasons begin in the midst of a pandemic, it is imperative that all players, coaches, parents, officials, and the associations that serve them take the ability to participate seriously. Minnesota Hockey and Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) are two of the largest youth sports organizations in the state, and oversee the sports of hockey and basketball, respectively, throughout the state of Minnesota.  

Collectively, Minnesota Hockey and the MYAS have created a joint partnership, which generates a unified voice to push for compliance of COVID-19 Safety Guidelines. This unified voice will be centered around messaging directed at the thousands of youth hockey and youth basketball teams throughout the state. Following all COVID-19 Safety Guidelines from the MDH and our respective organizations are an expectation for all participants, coaches, parents and officials. This guidance must not be taken lightly.

The consequences for not following the guidelines will impact everyone involved in youth sports. Many participants are looking forward to participating in events, leagues, and tournaments this winter. We don’t want to see those things lost because safety guidelines were not taken seriously. It is imperative that everyone involved is a “Good Teammate” and demands that teammates are doing what it takes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and keep our kids playing.

Priorities for being a “Good Teammate”:

  • Follow the published guidelines set forth by MDHMinnesota Hockey and MYAS.
  • WEAR YOUR MASK. This includes coaches and spectators at all times, and players/officials while not actively participating in the competition.
  • Do your part to slow the spread of this virus: wash your hands, practice safe hygiene habits, and clean surfaces/equipment between use.
  • Stay at Home when you are sick and follow the published MDH Decision Tree.
  • Follow all guidance  from health officials regarding quarantine direction. Individuals are ineligible to participate at any team event unless/until the quarantine period has expired.
  • Stay more than 6 ft. from another person outside of your household at all times. As a spectator, stay 12 ft. from the closest participant in the competition.

Keep our kids playing – Be a “Good Teammate”!

Glen Andresen
Executive Director
Minnesota Hockey

Dawson Blanck 
Executive Director

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