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Drill of the Week: Irish Transition 2 vs 1

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 11/09/20, 1:00PM CST



This week Ricky Saintey, head coach for Rosemount High School, shares a transition drill designed to sharpen rush offense and defense skills.


  • Forwards are on opposite blue lines diagonally from each other. Defensemen are on the opposite corners. 
  • On the whistle, D1 and D1 skate with a puck up to the red line at full speed and pass a puck to F2 and F2. After making the pass, the D1 and D1 transition backwards at the red line and prepare for the rush against.
  • On the same whistle, F1 and F1 take off and head around the circle swinging to join F2 or F2 who are receiving the pass from the D.
  • F2 and F2 make a pass to F1 and F1 swinging through and attack the D in a full speed 2-on-1.


  • Defensemen must work to protect the middle of the ice
  • Defense should strive to prevent a high percentage scoring chance and no goals against
  • Forwards must attack with speed through the neutral zone
  • Forwards should generate a high percentage scoring chance

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